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vaccination schedule

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1 vaccination schedule on Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:33 am



start at 2weeks then 4,6,8 weeks
once every month between the age 3 months-6months
using wormban (troy) at 1ml per 1kg. weight

before Vaccination Deworm your pup first then:

6 to 8 weeks - First puppy shot (DHLPP) 5 in 1 shot

11 to 12 weeks - Second puppy shot (DHLPP) 5 in 1 shot

15 to 16 weeks - Third puppy shot (DHLPP) 5 in 1 shot

Over 4 months - Rabies (repeat l year later) + First heartworm prevention

17 to 18 weeks - Last puppy shot (DHLPP) 5 in 1 shot

Heartworm Prevention is monthly and should not skip even a month. Even if you were able to skip one month, Heartworm Prevention should be stopped and go to your Vet Clinic to have you pup tested if hearworm is already present in your pup's heart.

Adult Dogs - After 1 year

DHLPP - Yearly
Rabies - Yearly

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